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Wrapped works to sync gift cards across Shopify and POS. Watch here to see how Wrapped works with Shopify or read on to see integration steps.

Connect Shopify to create a new gift card product that can be bought online and used both online and in-store.

Adding Shopify to an existing Wrapped account

When you connect Shopify, your new gift card product will be created and set to Draft to give you time to review settings and turn it on when you are ready.

  1. In Wrapped go to Gift card > Settings

  2. Under Sales channels, click Add more sales channels

  3. Next to Shopify, click Connect

4. Enter your Shopify store domain and click Connect

5. You'll be taken to a Shopify authentication page to click Install app

You'll now see in Wrapped, you have Shopify connected.

6. Click on View gift card product to see the new gift card product created in Shopify.

Here you can also edit your gift card imagery and description that shows on your Shopify product page. This is also where you can manage your product category, type and tags as normal.

7. To turn your new gift card product on under Status, select Active.

If you are replacing an old gift card set up, you will need to set your old Shopify gift card product to draft now. This will stop customers being able to see and purchase old gift cards. Any old issued gift cards can still be used.

To disable an old gift card product, locate it in your Shopify admin and set the Status to Draft.

Testing the Wrapped - Shopify integration

To quickly check your Wrapped - Shopify connection, you can:

  1. Create a test gift card in Wrapped under Gift cards > Issue gift card

2. Click Issue and activate

3. Check in your Shopify admin under Products > Gift cards to see that this gift card has been created in Shopify successfully

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