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With Wrapped, you can automatically email your digital gift cards to recipients.

You need to have the first two emails ON: Gift card issued & Gift card gifted. As the customer or recipient needs the email to access their gift card code to use it.

We have default emails ready to customize with your branding, messaging and barcodes. To customize these emails:

  1. Click on Preview & edit

To preview the email design click Preview or Send test email at the top of the page to see it in your inbox.

This email builder allows you to drag and drop email blocks that are responsive (ie: look great for both desktop and mobile). Use the email designer to add your logo, customize your messaging, and update your gift card image with one to match your brand and physical gift cards. Click Save when you are done.

Each email template contains email merge tags that will be substituted with correct gift card information, e.g. Gift card code.

Please ensure you have all necessary merge tag information in your email for your gift cards to be used correctly and comply with your country's regulations.

3. To edit the email subject line, click Edit.

Update the subject line text and click Save.

4. Sender settings: Emails are sent by If you want to send from your own domain, then please contact

The 'reply to' can be easily updated in your account settings page by updating Customer reply to email.

Available email merge tags

The following merge tags can be added to the subject line of body of your email:
​​{{company_name}} - This is your company name. It can be updated in Settings > General
{{shop_name}} - This is your company name, alternative tag to above

{{shop_email}} - This is your "customer reply to email" defined in Settings > General
{{shop_url}} - This is your website URL defined in Settings > General

{{date_of_purchase}} - Gift card purchase date

{{balance}} - Gift card balance

{{code}} - Gift card code

{{expiration_date}} - Gift card expiration date

{{apple_wallet_url}} - URL for downloading Apple Wallet pass

{{google_wallet_url}} - URL for download Google Wallet pass

{{buyer_name}} - Name of gift card purchaser

{{buyer_email}} - Email address of gift card purchaser

{{gift_to_friend_url}} - URL to the gift to a friend portal for that gift card

{{view_balance_url}} - URL to check balance of gift cards

{{gift_card_message}} - Gift card message intended for recipient

{{recipient_name}} - Gift card recipient name

{{recipient_email}} - Gift card recipient email address

{{pdf_url}} - URL for downloading PDF file of gift card

{{topup_url}} - URL to topup existing gift card (need Wrapped storefront connected)

{{gift_image_url}} - Gift card image displayed in email to recipient

The unsubscribe footer can be customized if you add {{unsubscribe_link}} somewhere in the email body (this can be inside a link). This will make the default unsubscribe footer will disappear.

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