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Embed a gift card balance page on Shopify
Embed a gift card balance page on Shopify
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If you want to add a check balance page to your Shopify site so customers can check their own gift card balances.

  1. In Wrapped, navigate to the gift card assets page where you can customize the page content.

  2. Copy the embed code

3. To embed this as a page within your Shopify website, create a new page from your Shopify admin by navigating to Sales channels > Online store > Pages > Add page

3. Add a title for your page, e.g. Gift card balance checker.

4. Click on the <> button to show HTML

5. Paste the code copied from step 2 (above) and click Save

6. Click <> button to reveal your form. You can click on the View page option to get your new Shopify page URL

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