Klaviyo integration

Sync your gift card events to customer profiles in Klaviyo

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How to enable Klaviyo integration

  1. To enable, navigate to Integrations and click Install on the Klaviyo integration

  2. Generate a new Klaviyo API private key.

    To create an API key in Klaviyo, navigate to API Keys under Settings > Account > API Keys

    Generate a new API key with Full Access to Events, Metrics, and Profiles

  3. Copy the generated key, paste into Wrapped and click Save

  4. Klaviyo is now connected and installed.

Metrics and events passed into Klaviyo

The following gift card events/metrics will be synced to the Klaviyo customer profile of the gift card recipient:

  • Wrapped: Gift Card Issued

  • Wrapped: Gift Card Updated

  • Wrapped: Gift Card Reminder

  • Wrapped: Gift Card Gifted

  • Wrapped: Gift Card Voided

Each event will have the following properties:

  • code - the gift card code

  • gift_card_id - Wrapped system ID for the gift card

  • initial_value - initial balance of the gift card when it was purchased/created

  • balance - the current balance

  • currency - currency code of the gift card (e.g. USD)

  • expiration_date - date gift card is set to expire (optional)

  • apple_wallet_url - a URL that can be used in emails for downloading apple wallet pass

  • google_wallet_url - a URL that can be used in emails for downloading Google pass

  • topup_url - a URL that can be used to topup a gift card using the Wrapped storefront

  • buyer_name - name of the person that purchased the gift card

  • buyer_email - email address of the person that purchased the gift card

  • gift_to_friend_url - a URL to the "gift to a friend" feature for this gift card

  • view_balance_url - a URL to a webpage to check the balance of the gift card

  • gift_card_message - a message provided to the recipient

They will appear on the Klaviyo customer property like this:

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