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Connecting Lightspeed K-Series POS to Wrapped
Connecting Lightspeed K-Series POS to Wrapped

Connect Lightspeed Restaurant (K-Series) to create a new gift card payment type that can be used both online and in-store.

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Wrapped works to sync gift cards across Lightspeed K-Series and online. Watch here to see how Wrapped works with Lightspeed K-Series or read on to see integration steps.

Connect Lightspeed Restaurant (K-Series) to create a new gift card payment type that can be issued through your POS and used both online and in-store as a payment type.

To connect Wrapped and Lightspeed

You'll need a Wrapped account to get started. Create a free account here

  1. In Wrapped go to Account > Sales channels

  2. Under Sales channels, click Add more sales channels

  3. Next to Lightspeed Restaurant POS (K-Series), click Connect

4. You'll need to locate your Business Location Id and Gift Card Product Id (see below)

5. To find your Business Location Id, navigate to your home screen in K-Series admin.

  • Click About and copy the Business location value.

  • In Wrapped, paste this into Business Location Id and click Save

  • Now to get the Product Id, first create your gift card Accounting group.

  • Click the +Add an accounting group button and name it Gift cards.

  • Set your Tax profile to Tax Exempt

7. Create your gift card product in your POS. This product will be used to buy and top-up gift cards. Navigate to Items in your K-Series admin.

  • Click Create and choose Single item

  • Under Details > Basics:

Set Item name to Gift card

Set Accounting group to Gift cards

Change Price Type to Manually-entered price

  • Click Save to create the gift card product.

  • Now, select the newly created gift card product to get the Item Id from the address bar url

  • Paste this into Wrapped under Gift Card Product Id and click Save

8. Set up Wrapped web extension for purchases using a gift card as payment.

  • In your Lightspeed K-Series back-office admin, go to Configuration > Settings

  • Click Web extensions

  • Click + Add a new web extension

  • In your Wrapped admin, copy your Web extension URL by clicking the clipboard icon

  • Go back to Lighstpeed K-Series

  • In the new web extension form, under Settings, enter:

    Name: This can be anything, but needs to be easy for staff members to recognize e.g. Gift cards
    URL: Paste your Web extension URL

  • Select the Provide a Javascript context to the loaded page checkbox

  • Click Save

Now you’ve created the ability for K-Series & Wrapped to communicate.

9. The next step is to add your new web extension to the POS menu screen for staff to use.

  • In Lightspeed K-Series back-office admin, go to Menu Management > Menus

  • Click into your current Menu

  • Next to Main Screens, click Add

  • Configure your Main Screen button

    Name: This can be anything but needs to be easy for staff members to recognize e.g. Gift Cards
    Color: Choose a color, preferably something that stands out to staff

  • Click Save. You should now see your gift cards button listed as a menu option.

  • In the Gift card button options, click Add button

  • Select Web extension

  • Select the Wrapped Gift Cards checkbox

  • Click Add 1 button

  • Click Update & reload devices

This menu will then be updated with your web extension so staff can access gift cards.

Note: If you have multiple menus, please follow the same process to add Wrapped gift cards to all your Menu screens.

10. Finally, you'll need to request access to order notifications. Contact K-Series support team to enable real-time order notifications.

⚠️ Important: This step is crucial, without real-time order notifications, Wrapped will be unable to sync orders and process gift cards from your K-Series account.

  • Copy your unique real-time order notification URL

  • Contact the K-Series Support team via:

    a. In-app chat: Click on the chat icon in the bottom right-hand corner of your K-Series admin, create a conversation related to Integrations
    b. Support email:

Here's a template to send to their team, remember to paste in your unique real-time order notification URL:

Email template for K-Series Support team:

Hi there,
Please approve Wrapped to receive real-time order notifications from my K-Series account.

Name of integration: Wrapped x K-Series
Business Name: [Your business name]
Business ID: [Your K-Series business ID]
Business Location ID: [Your K-Series location ID]
Description of the request: Realtime Notifications Setup
Realtime Notification URL: [Paste your unique real-time order notification URL]

Please let us know when this has been completed.

  • When the K-Series Support team have completed this request, your orders will begin to sync through to your Wrapped account.

11. Finally, add a new Payment Method in Lightspeed with the following settings:

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