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You can add a barcode to your digital gift card assets (Emails, Apple Wallet and Google Wallet) to make scanning digital gift cards quick and easy at POS.

You'll need to set the barcode up in each of your gift card emails and Apple/Google Wallet card settings.

Choose a barcode type that works with your existing scanner.

Choosing the barcode type for Apple Wallet and Google Wallet

  1. Go to Customize > Assets > Apple & Google Wallet card

  2. You'll find Barcode Type at the bottom of the menu on the left

3. Click the box and select your barcode type

4. Preview and remember to click Save at the top right

Choosing the barcode type for emails

  1. Go to Customize > Assets > Emails

  2. Click on Gift card issued to edit your first email

  3. Click on the barcode in your email

4. You'll find the Image URL in the menu on the left. The URL is defaulted to a QR code:{{code}}&margin=2&width=350&height=150

Replace the barcodeType= in the image URL with the following code options:






5. Preview and remember to click Save at the top right

Don't delete the placeholder code XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX this will populate with the gift card code for manual entry into POS and online.

6. Now repeat for a Gift card gifted and Gift card reminder emails

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