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Connecting Lightspeed eCommerce (C-series)
Connecting Lightspeed eCommerce (C-series)
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Wrapped works to sync gift cards across Lightspeed C-Series and POS. Watch here to see how Wrapped works with C-Series or read on to see integration steps.

Note: Wrapped gift cards will be synced to Lightspeed eCom as fixed price, one-time use discount code. When a Wrapped gift card balance is updated, the Lightspeed eCom discount code will be deleted and recreated with the new discount amount.

Any voided Wrapped gift card will also delete the associated Lightspeed eCom discount code.

Connect Lightspeed eCommerce (C-Series) to Wrapped

1. Create Lightspeed API Key

Log into your Lightspeed eCommerce account and navigate to Settings > Developers > Click "New API key" button:

Note: You will need to be on the Lightspeed eCommerce advanced plan to access the Developers API keys feature

Name the key "Wrapped" and select all permissions. Toggle on the "Enable this API key" and click "Save" button:

2. Add sales channel to Wrapped

Navigate to Wrapped, and connect the Lightspeed C-series sales channel from Settings > Sales channel tab:

Copy and paste credentials from Lightspeed API page:

Retrieve Lightspeed admin domain from the URL address bar:

3. Create Lightspeed Gift card product

Creating eCom gift card product if Lightspeed Retail is NOT connected

Create a product in Lightspeed eCom following their support article:

Be sure to set the tax rate to 0% (typically tax is charged on purchases when the gift card is redeemed).

Creating eCom gift card product if Lightspeed Retail (R-Series) is connected

If your eCom store is connected to Retail (R-Series), then you'll need to create the product in R-Series first. Here are the instructions for creating a product with variants:

Create a new Matrix Attribute Set called Denominations:

Create a new Inventory > Item Matrix called Gift card:

Set the following fields:

  • Description = Gift Card

  • Type = Non-inventory

  • Taxable = Yes (checked)

  • Tax Class = Gift Card

  • Matrix Type > Attributes = Denominations

  • Define each denomination. This will create items in the "Group Items" section. Set the Custom SKU field of each to wrapped_giftcard

Now, open eCom (C-Series) and navigate to your new product, setting the Visibility to Always Visible

You should notice that the variants will match the denominations set up in R-Series:

Finally, copy the product ID from the eCom URL and paste it into the Wrapped sales channel pop-up and click "Save":

4. Turn on Sales channel in Wrapped

Finally, it will be added to your enabled sales channel list. Toggle it on to enable

Testing the Wrapped - Lightspeed eCom integration

To quickly check your Wrapped - Lightspeed connection, you can:

  1. Create a test gift card in Wrapped under Gift cards > Issue gift card

2. Click Issue and activate. Navigate to your gift card and copy the code

3. In your Lightspeed eCom > Marketing > Discount codes, search for the code:

You should see the gift card has been created and synced to Lightspeed successfully.

4. Remember to Void the test gift card in Wrapped after testing

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