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Connecting WooCommerce using WooCommerce Gift Card plugin
Connecting WooCommerce using WooCommerce Gift Card plugin
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Install WooCommerce Gift Card plugin

Wrapped relies on having the WooCommerce gift card plugin installed on your website. This installs the necessary API endpoints we need to create and sync gift cards to your store, as well as providing the storefront functionality so your customers can buy gift cards (which will sync automatically to Wrapped).

You can download and install it from here:

Please ensure you are using the latest version of this plugin.

Note: Only gift cards with the code format XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXX can be synced to WooCommerce. This is enforced by WooCommerce

Adding WooCommerce to an existing Wrapped account

To connect WooCommerce to Wrapped, go to Settings > Sales channels and click Add more sales channels button. Then click Connect on WooCommerce option:

After accepting permissions, the sales channel will be added to your Wrapped account. Toggle the switch on if it is not enabled:

Creating a gift card product

If you'd like gift cards to be purchased online via WooCommerce, create a gift card product.

Log into your WooCommerce admin > Products > Add product:

In the General tab, select Variable product and check Gift Card. Set Tax class to Zero rate:

In the Attributes tab, define your gift card denominations:

In the Variations tab, click Generate variations

Set all gift card variations to be "virtual" by selecting Bulk actions > Toggle "Virtual".
A virtual product is a product that is not physical and will not have shipping options.

Edit the price for each variation and save changes:

Complete other product details (like imagery) and publish to your storefront:

Once published, it should look similar to this:

Testing the Wrapped - WooCommerce integration

To quickly check your Wrapped - WooCommerce connection, you can:

  1. Create a test gift card in Wrapped under Gift cards > Issue gift card

2. Click Issue and activate. Navigate to your gift card and copy the code

3. In WooCommerce admin, navigate to Marketing > Gift Cards and search for gift card using the copied code

You should see the gift card has been created and synced to WooCommerce successfully.

4. Remember to Void the test gift card in Wrapped after testing

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