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Bopple powers Lightspeed's (O-series) online and mobile ordering and is a great addition if you're running a hospitality business. If you don't already have an account, you can sign up here

Gift card redemptions:

  • Customers can enter their gift card code at checkout in your Bopple-powered online store or mobile apps (max. 8 characters, alphanumeric codes)

  • Bopple checks the balance of the gift card in Wrapped

  • Any balance available is applied against the payment due for the order

  • Gift card balance is adjusted when the order is placed

  • If you refund the order, the gift card balance is adjusted accordingly

[Coming soon]

  • Customers can purchase Wrapped Gift Cards in your Bopple store or app

  • Support for longer Gift Card codes when redeeming at checkout

In the meantime, if you'd like to sell gift cards that are redeemable across Bopple and your other connected sales channels, we recommend using our online storefront.

Connect Bopple sales channel to Wrapped

To connect Bopple, follow this instructions:

  1. Log into Wrapped and navigate to Settings > Sales channels. Click "Add more sales channels", click on Bopple and then choose "Connect":

  2. Copy the API Key:

  3. Log into Bopple back office > Integrations and select Wrapped.
    Paste in your API key

    Once connected, it will be added to your active integrations list:

Note: this integration is still in closed beta so may require Bopple support to enable for your account

Testing the Wrapped - Bopple integration

To quickly check your Wrapped - Lightspeed connection, you can:

1. Create a test gift card in Wrapped under Gift cards > Issue gift card. Make sure the code is 8 alphanumeric characters

2. Click Issue and activate. Navigate to your gift card and copy the code

3. Open your Bopple storefront, add some items to your cart, and click Continue to checkout:

On checkout page, click + Add promo code or gift card:

Paste in the gift card code copied from Wrapped dashboard.

You should see the gift card has been applied to your order successfully.

4. Remember to Void the test gift card in Wrapped after testing

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