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Connecting Lightspeed Restaurant (O-Series/Kounta)
Connecting Lightspeed Restaurant (O-Series/Kounta)
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Connect Lightspeed Restaurant (O-Series/Kounta) to create a new gift card payment type that can be issued through your POS and used both online and in-store as a payment type.

To connect Wrapped and Lightspeed

  1. In Wrapped go to Gift card > Settings

  2. Under Sales channels, click Add more sales channels

  3. Next to Lightspeed Restaurant POS (O-Series), click Connect

4. You'll be taken to sign in to Lightspeed Restaurant to confirm the connection by clicking Grant Access.

You'll now see in Wrapped, you have connected Lightspeed Restaurant.
If needed, toggle on the switch to enable the sales channel.

To use existing Lightspeed gift cards, they will need to be imported into Wrapped to be made omnichannel and available to be redeemed using the Wrapped Gift Cards option at POS.

We encourage you to disable Lightspeed gift cards after importing them into Wrapped. And contact Lightspeed support to remove the old Gift Card button from POS so staff aren't confused.

Testing the Wrapped - Lightspeed Restaurant integration

A new gift card option will be created in Lightspeed called Wrapped Gift Card. Use this to check the balance of a Wrapped gift card, top it up, or accept the gift card as payment.

To quickly check your Wrapped - Lightspeed connection, you can:

  1. Create a test gift card in Wrapped under Gift cards > Issue gift card

2. Click Issue and activate

3. In your Lightspeed POS > Sell screen, click the menu icon > Gift Cards > Wrapped Gift Cards

4. Paste in the gift card code (you just created for the test) into the field and click Confirm

5. Click Check Balance

You should see the gift card has been created and synced to Lightspeed successfully and is ready to be used.

5. To test accepting the gift card as payment, run a test order and use the Wrapped Gift Cards payment type

6. Remember to Void the test gift card in Wrapped after testing

Selling a new card or topping up an existing card

1. In your Lightspeed POS > Sell screen, click the menu icon > Gift Cards > Wrapped Gift Cards

2. Scan or enter in the new gift card code

2. Select Add funds and complete the process

Note: If you added a customer with an email address to the order before activating or topping up a card, they will receive an email with a digital version of the gift card.

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