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Importing existing gift cards to Wrapped
Importing existing gift cards to Wrapped
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Migrate your existing gift cards (pre-Wrapped) to Wrapped for free to turn them into omnichannel gift cards.

Shopify users: Because Shopify doesn't share the full gift card code for existing gift cards, you can't import them into Wrapped in bulk. However they can be converted to omnichannel as they are presented. Read more here.

To import existing codes:
1. In Wrapped > Gift cards, click on the down arrow next to the Issue gift card button, and click Import from CSV file

2. Have a CSV file prepared with two columns: Code, Amount

If you are importing physical gift card codes to set them aside for activation, put 0 as the balance. Alternatively, you can generate a batch of gift card codes with a balance of 0 and send it to your printers.

3. Choose your file and click Upload CSV file

Once your codes are imported with balances, they will be omnichannel and synced across all your connected sales channels.

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