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Importing/converting existing Shopify gift codes to omnichannel
Importing/converting existing Shopify gift codes to omnichannel
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If you're new to Wrapped and have active gift cards in Shopify, we cannot import them because Shopify doesn't share the full gift card code. We can only see the last 4 digits. However we do have a work around so they can be used both in-store and online.

Keep pre-existing Shopify gift card codes active in Shopify.

For most integrations (except Lightspeed Retail POS - see solution below instead), when a pre-existing Shopify gift card code is entered into POS, Wrapped will run it through our Gift card code checker and this will automatically convert it to an omnichannel gift card on the spot.

Converting Shopify codes for Lightspeed Retail POS

If a customer is presenting a pre-existing Shopify gift card code in-store and it's not working, this is because it needs to be converted to omnichannel first.

  1. In a browser window, or from your website visit your Gift card balance page (Or direct the customer to). See how to find your Gift card balance page URL here.

  2. Enter the gift card code into the balance checker and click the button to check the balance.

The code will then be synced from Shopify into Wrapped and across all sales channels. It can now be used in-store as normal.

​Converting Shopify codes from Shopify gift card emails

If a gift card is created from the Shopify admin, or if you're using a returns platform (like Loop, PostCo, ReturnGo), these gift cards will be created by Shopify directly and not be synced/created in Wrapped automatically. These gift cards will also trigger Shopify's default gift card email notification.

Follow the instructions below to update your email with a "View gift card balance or use in-store" link:

  1. From your Shopify admin, click on Settings > Notifications > Customer notifications > Gift cards > New gift card

  2. Click "Edit code".

    Note: we encourage you to copy the HTML and save it into another text file as a back-up before you make any edits.

  3. Click on rich-text editor and type CTRL+F to search for "{{ gift_card.url }}"

  4. Replace with{{gift_card.code}}

    (Substitute with your Shopify domain)

  5. Update any text "View gift card balance" to "View gift card balance or use in-store"

  6. Click "Save".

  7. Repeat for "Gift card receipt" email notification

  8. To run a test, close settings dialog and navigate to "Products" > "Gift cards" and create a gift card, entering your email address

  9. You will receive an email with your new "view card balance or use in-store" link

  10. Clicking on this will load a preview of your gift card - ready to be used in-store.

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