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The Check balance page is a web page you can link to for customers to check their own gift card balances online anytime. You can add a link to it on your online-store, or even have it on a customer-facing screen in-store.

To customize your Check gift card balance page:

  1. Go to Customize > Assets > Check balance page

2. Click through the sections by clicking Edit

  • Main section is the page that customers will first see when they visit the page.

  • Code not found is what customers will see if they enter a code that does not exist or is not activated.

  • After code insertion is the page that will show their gift card balance.

3. Customize the content in each section by clicking on the text you want to edit in the preview.

Be sure not to remove the merge tag {giftcard_balance} from the After code insertion section, as this is what is replaced with the customer's actual balance.

4. To customize your colors and font, click Branding

5. Preview and Save at the top right.

To use your Check balance page URL:

  1. From your Assets page, click View page. This will open the page in a new tab.

  2. Copy the URL

  3. Add the link to your online store, embed the page and/or have it open on a screen in-store.

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